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I am a Business user of the online service, how do I register for the mobile service?

If you wish to register for the mobile service, but cannot see the option under Personal Settings, please contact your administrator who will be able to enable the right permissions for you to access the service. If you do see the option please follow these steps to register by logging in to Coutts Online and completing the registration process.

  • Select Personal Settings
  • Select Coutts Mobile
  • Select Register
  • Enter a Coutts Mobile Password
  • Confirm the Coutts Mobile Password
  • Select the international dialling code
  • Enter your mobile number which will be saved as your preferred mobile phone number for contact purposes and will be used for sending you an activation code when you log in to Coutts Mobile for the first time.    
  • Select whether this mobile is for Personal, Work or Other purposes
  • Add any additional information
  • Select Next to authorise the changes detailed

To authorise with your card and reader

  • Insert your card in to the card reader
  • Press Respond Respond button
  • Enter PIN
  • Press OK
  • Enter Security code displayed on screen in to the card reader
  • Press OK
  • Enter the Authorisation number from the card reader on to the screen
  • Select whether you require the Coutts app link from the App Store or Google Play
  • Press Authorise
  • Press OK

The next stage is to download the Coutts app to your mobile or tablet.

Finally, login to the Coutts app using your username and your mobile password. The first time you log in you will receive a SMS containing an activation code which should be entered in the Activation Code field.

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