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What details are required to make a CHAPS payment?

Pay From

  • The Pay From field shows all the accounts that you are able to make payments from.
  • Click on the down arrow to see a list of your accounts, then choose the account you wish to debit. The balance and available balance are displayed, please ensure you have sufficient funds available to cover the payment.

Payee Name

  • The payee name is the name of the person or business you are paying.

Payee address

  • The payee address is the address of the person or business you are paying, this is an optional field

Payee Sort Code

  • The payee sort code is the sort code of the account holding branch of the bank where the funds are being paid to. This is a 6-digit number.

Payee Account Number

  • The payee account number is the account number of the person or business you are paying. This is an 8-digit number and will be validated using the payee sort code


  • This field is used to enter the amount you wish to pay.

Payment Date

  • This is the date the payment will leave your account.

Payment Method

  • Select CHAPS

Payee Reference

  •  You can enter a reference which may appear on the beneficiary's statement. This will help them establish where the payment has come from.

Your Reference

  • A reference for this payment

Save these payee details to use again

  • If you are entering a payment to a new payee, selecting this box will allow you to save the payee details as an existing payee. This payee can then be used to save time next time you pay this beneficiary.

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